Street Food Catering

Street Food Catering


What do most of us look for at an event? – Theatre!

We love to see chefs cooking with woks, making foods to our requests as we stand there and getting fresh, pretty and very tasty cuisine presented in funky boxes in minutes.

One of the biggest trends just now is street food. From vegan food, to Mexican, Chinese and American cuisine, and that’s only the beginning.

We can work around whatever street food catering you require. If you have a specific theme in mind, we always provide all the fun and the food, and you can add whatever you wish to make your own bespoke version.


Despite the fact that we cater for street food in Scotland, not even the Scottish weather can stop us. We have been known to cook barbeques outside in December thanks to our lovely black marquee, which we have used for many years, and fill with burners, woks and chefs all ready with their mise en place to produce beautiful food and sometimes adding smoke, flames and general theatrics.


Wedding Street Food

Weddings often have Street Food as their evening food instead of more traditional fare. Get in touch to see what wedding street food we can serve on your big day.


Street Food Scotland

The team at St Andrews Event Catering have provided street food catering for organisations, parties, corporate events, family fun days, business open days, and much more. We have years of experience in offering this informal and fun type of catering.

As a whole, the experience is relatively inexpensive to provide yet very expensive in looks and taste.

Let the photos speak for themselves…