Veggies are King!

Veggies are King!

10th March 2016

A trend we’re seeing at the moment is a push towards more vegetable based dishes. Traditionally people have always associated meat or fish as the main aspect of a dish, but now the humble vegetable is taking centre stage. Through various chef’s emphasis on the utility of veg, to veg focused restaurants, we’re loving the trend. For some it is a much healthier alternative, lighter or allows people a further option. For a long time vegetarian options we’re just that: for vegetarians. Now that vegetables are being seen as the basis for more dishes we are seeing a higher request for such dishes, for those that identify as meat eaters.

We’ve been playing in the kitchen this afternoon and on a cold and dreary day came up with this baby…


Aubergine Chermoula!

Chermoula is a fragrant North African paste, incorporating the taste of lemon, spice and a kick of heat. We’ve coated our humble aubergine in this fingerlicking goodness, adding a veg packed bulgar salad. Bulgar is a relative of quinoa, so hits all the goodness points while still filling you up. Drizzled with some cold luscious yogurt and Pomegranate sauce this baby packs a warming, comforting punch.

Happy tummies all round :D